Governor Hogan: Local Leaders Need to Enforce Bar and Restaurant Restrictions

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says local leaders need to enforce public health requirements in bars and restaurants after a series of COVID-19 cases were linked to non-compliance.

The Governor said local leaders need to ensure bars and restaurants are only open for seated service with physical distancing and capacity restrictions in place.

All staff must wear a face covering.

In locations with booths, every other booth must be closed to customers. No more than six people are allowed at a table.

“The vast majority of bars and restaurants in our state are in compliance, but some are fragrantly violating the law and endangering public health.” said Governor Hogan.

“You have the responsibility to enforce these laws. Violators should be warned, fined, have actions take regarding their licenses, or closed if necessary.” he continued.

At least 12 states have re-closed bars and restaurants after tying them to new COVID-19 cases.