Salisbury Mayor Jake Day meets with, endorses 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg

Washington, D.C. (DELMARVA NEWS NOW) — At Washington’s Lincoln Theatre on Monday night, the Mayors of Salisbury, Maryland and South Bend, Indiana held an informal meeting.

Mayor Jake Day of Salisbury says he was “surprised and delighted to get the call to have a few minutes with Mayor Pete Buttigieg.” The Mayors share an occupation in public service and both are graduates of Oxford University as well as military veterans.

Of the meeting, Mayor Day said “More than his intellect or his commitment to service, the man’s humility shines through. It’s really amazing to be in the position he’s in and still be so genuine and kind.” Mayor Day has previously shared glowing support for Mayor Buttigieg on Twitter, saying he has “incredible insights” on the issue of jobs lost to automation. ¬†Mayor Day was a member of a U.S. Conference of Mayors task force on the issue that was chaired by Mayor Buttigieg.

According to the Buttigieg campaign more than 50 mayors have endorsed “Mayor Pete” as he is colloquially known, including Mayor Jake Day. Currently, Mayor Buttigieg is polling in fourth place nationally behinds Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Former Vice President Joe Biden. Buttigieg clips Sanders in the early voting state of Iowa, polling at third place.

Mayor Day is in a battle for his seat facing Republican challenger Wayne King, after Day ran unopposed back in 2015. Election day is Tuesday, November 5.