Senate Votes to Acquit President Donald Trump on Impeachment Articles

The United States Senate has voted to acquit the 45th President of the United States Donald John Trump on both articles of impeachment, ending the impeachment trial and ensuring the President will not be removed from office.

The two articles: Obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power each received individual votes. On Obstruction of Congress, 47 Senators voted for conviction with 53 voting for acquittal. On Abuse of Power, 48 Senators voted for conviction while 52 voted for acquittal. This was not a bipartisan vote as Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah voted to convict the President on the Abuse of Power charge. All Democratic Senators voted to convict him.

All U.S. Senators representing the states of Delmarva voted to convict the President including Senators Carper and Coons of Delaware, Senators Cardin and Van Hollen of Maryland and Senators Kaine and Warner of Virginia. All six are Democrats.