Talbot County Public Schools to Start the Year Virtually, Phased Reopening Scheduled

Talbot County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kelly Griffith announced on Thursday that the district will begin the year virtually.

The district has planned a phased reopening beginning with four days of virtual instruction in phase one. This is set to begin on September 8th.

Phase two will include “priority special population groups” returning for face-to-face instruction, while the remainder of students remain at home. This phase is tentatively scheduled for September 14th.

Phase 3 would have Pre-K, Kindergarten, 6th and 9th grade students in person for 2 days per week with the remainder of students learning from home. This phase is scheduled for October 5th.

Phase four would welcome all students from Pre-K to 12th grade back to school for instruction two days per week, with the remainder of learning taking place remotely. This phase is scheduled to begin on November 9th.

Phase 5 would be a return to full instruction in person and wouldn’t begin until “authorized by the Governor and the Maryland State Department of Education.

In a statement obtained by Delmarva News Network, Superintendent Kelly said “I commend everyone for working with us in planning for recovery, connection households and feeding our children throughout this summer. This fall will definitely be different for both students and staff.”

The phased reopening was approved by the Talbot County Board of Education.