Governor Carney Places ‘State of the State’ Address Focus on Economy, Gun Safety

Delaware Governor John Carney delivered his annual State of the State Address on Thursday afternoon before a joint session of the state legislature in Dover.

The Governor discussed the state government’s investments in public schools, the environment and the economy. He stated “When we make promises we have to keep them.” and discussed promises he made at the beginning of his tenure. On the economy the Governor discussed growth and investments in small businesses, as a recent Smart Asset study reported by Delmarva News Network found Sussex County the best place for small businesses in the state of Delaware. “More than half of Delawareans working are employed at small businesses. They’re the engine of our economic growth.” the Governor said. “Our future success depends on finding ways to grow our small businesses.” He discussed new EDGE grants, which encourage development, growth and expansion in small businesses, totaling nearly $1.5 million dollars.

Governor Carney also discussed gun safety legislation, namely the Beau Biden Gun Violence Prevention Act, a red flag law which allows family members and mental health providers to raise concern about someone owning weapons. “I encourage every member in this chamber to support legislation that would ban so-called ghost guns, and his capacity magazines. These bills are just common sense.”

The Governor also went on talk about education including funding for a Pre-Kindergarten expansion, literacy programs spearheaded by First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney and higher education for those in foster care programs. Another headline issue was infrastructure with the Governor announcing sizable investments in technology infrastructure to bring high speed internet to rural areas of Sussex County and transportation infrastructure including $4.5 billion over the next six years intended to modernize roads, bridges and public transportation in the first state.